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Honeywell $25 Amazon gift card promotion

Honeywell $25 Amazon gift card promotion

Honeywell Promotion - 3 ways to receive a $25 AMAZON gift card.
Promotion from July 1 - September 31, 2020.

1. Purchase a LCBS Connect

  • LCBS Connect™ solution consists of a technology platform that includes three key components.
  • Advanced remote monitoring and alerting with programming capabilities enable facilities managers and service contractors
  • unparalleled system access.
  • Cloud-based data storage provides secured access via smartphone, tablet, and personal computers so users can get data they need, when they need it.
  • Hardware platform enables precise control of constant volume air handling units with selectable user interface.

2. Purchase a Jade Economizer

  • The JADE™ Economizer System is an expandable economizer control system, which includes a W7220 Economizer Module (controller) with an LCD and keypad. The W7220 can be configured for 4 different economizer strategies: referential or differential dry bulb, referential or differential enthalpy.

3. Purchase a Jade Economizer

  • The T775 electronic stand-alone controllers are the next generation of commercial and agricultural controls capable of remote sensing of temperature and providing switched and/or proportional outputs to various types of loads.

Get an additional $25 off when you purchase a Connect Gateway at the same time!

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