We have compiled some information to help provide a quick reference on a number of different applications and hard to find information.  If you find anything that needs to be corrected or updated, please let us know.

Quick Selection Guide

A useful tool for some quick estimates on load sizing. It will give you an approximate load for your given parameters.

Capillary Tubing Info

Information for translating the recommended length of capillary tubing into that of a tube diameter that can be quickly obtained.

HVAC/R Glossary

Glossary of HVAC and Refrigeration related abbreviations


Some useful basic formulas that relate to electricity, heating, and cooling.

Chemours General Replacement Guide[pdf]

Gears and Belt Lengths[pdf]

Nu-Calgon Refrigeration Cross-Reference[pdf]

Pressure Control Setting Guide[pdf]

Pressure Temperature Charts[pdf]

Honeywell LCBS Connect™ System Guides[pdf]

A comprehensive guide on LCBS installation, application, parts and sensor selection.


HVACR insights from Commercial & Residential Solutions industry experts.