Government of BC PST Changes on Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems and Heat Pumps


Effective April 1, 2022, in accordance with the new BC Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems and Heat Pumps, Refrigerative Supply Limited (RSL) will be updating the PST rate on sales of fossil fuel combustion equipment from 7% to 12% and eliminating the 7% PST charge on the sales of heat pumps (which will be PST exempt).

A wide variety of equipment will be affected by these changes.

For example, the new 12% PST rate will apply to:

  • Furnaces (natural gas, propane, oil, etc.)
  • Gas fired commercial rooftop units
  • Unit heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Instantaneous water heaters

PST exempt status will apply to:

  • Residential H/P split condensing units, which could include an indoor air handler and/or coil if purchased on the same order
  • Ductless H/P outdoor units and indoor evaps
  • Commercial water source H/P’s
  • Commercial rooftop H/P units


The changes will apply to orders with a ship to address in BC.

Parts and components purchased for equipment installation such as generic thermostats, line sets, roof curbs, etc. will remain set at the current 7% PST rate.

All orders invoiced on or after April 1st will reflect these new tax changes.

If you are currently a PST exempt customer, there will be no changes on your invoice.


Please refer to the BC Ministry of Finance Notice 2022-003, for detailed information on these changes.

We thank you for your continuing support. Questions? Please contact your local RSL branch.

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