Notice from HRAI: Refrigerant Management Canada to increase levy on HCFCs and HFCs EFFECTIVE February 1, 2024


Mississauga, Ontario – The Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) Board of Directors, after reviewing refrigerant inventories and industry trends, determined that an increase in the HCFC and HFC levies are required to ensure that the RMC Program has sufficient funds to handle the anticipated volume of refrigerants over the next two years. 

The environmental levy on the sales of new and reclaimed HCFCs and HCFC blends, and HFCs and HFC/HFO blends sold into the Canadian HVACR and stationary sectors will increase as follows:   

  • HCFC Levy will increase by $1.50, increasing the levy rate to $6.50 per kilogram. 
  • HFC Levy will increase by $1.00, increasing the levy rate to $2.50 per kilogram.
This levy increase was approved by the RMC Board of Directors on October 31, 2023.  

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