DSR of the Month - Micah van der Heide


Micah grew up in a small fishing/logging village on the western coast of Canada where his family owned and operated a marina serving the west coast salmon fishing fleet.  

In 1992, Micah began his apprenticeship in Gas Fitting and Refrigeration and started working with his dad as an HVAC mechanic.  Over the next 10 years, Micah and his dad serviced everything from patio heaters to commercial kitchens to large hospital boilers and everything in between.  After moving to Vancouver, Micah worked in commercial service for about 8 years before being presented an opportunity to work as a trainer for Refrigerative Supply Limited.

Micah has recently been promoted to a Residential Level IV (only 7 Level IV DSRs in all of North America), and was voted in as the Canadian representative on the 2019-2020 DSR Level IV Advisory Panel.

Congratulations Micah!

DSR of the Month - Micah van der Heide