My List

You can create customer product lists that allow you to quickly reference products you’ve added to each list. Lists can be created for specific projects, common parts, or specific items you’ve purchased and can be shared with others you choose. This is perfect for saving parts and tools used for specific systems and locations.

To create a product list:

1. Sign into your account

2. Click on your name in the top-right hand corner of the homepage

3. Click on ‘My Lists’

4. On the My Lists tab, click Create List

5. 5.Enter a list name, add a description (if needed), and click Create List

To add Items to your list:

1. On the My Lists page, scroll down to you see New List and click on its title

2. Click on Add Items:

3. Enter the Part #, RSL SKU #, or search by description for the item you want to add

4. Change the quantity, if needed, and click ‘Add to List’.

Sharing Lists

You can share lists with others by either sending a copy of a list or by inviting others to view and/or edit the list.

To Share a list:

1.On the My lists page, choose your list

2. Click the Share icon