Covid-19 Update 3


Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and support of Refrigerative Supply.  We also hope that you and your family have kept safe during these trying times.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have had a great response from its citizens and because of your hard work; the Provinces have been able to relax some of its restrictions.

Refrigerative Supply is also moving forward, and we will begin allowing a limited number of customers access to our stores starting now. Please go to our website for more information.

During the past couple months, we have been hard at work getting our stores ready for customers. You will now see

  • physical distancing in effect,
  • a maximum number of customers in the store at one time,
  • a hand sanitization station at the store entrance for your use before entering the store,
  • plexiglass guards at our counters, and
  • designated customer washrooms in most locations.

If there is already the maximum number of customers in the store, please wait outside and maintain physical distancing from others. We will let you in the store as soon as we have available capacity.

For those of you who prefer curbside service, we will continue to provide you with this option. Please call, text or email your branch at any of the listed numbers below.

Thank you.

RSL Locations 

Phone or Text 


British Columbia 


(604) 872 7521 

[email protected] 

Burnaby South  

(604) 454 5075 

[email protected] 

Burnaby North 

(604) 435 1313  

[email protected] 


(604) 944 0441 

[email protected] 


(604) 539 2290 

[email protected] 


(250) 475 6055 

[email protected] 


(250) 758 7751 

[email protected] 


(250) 763-3114 

[email protected] 


Calgary South 

(403) 243 8191 

[email protected] 

Calgary North 

(403) 250 9866 

[email protected] 

Edmonton South 

(780) 485 2121 

[email protected] 

Edmonton North 

(780) 455 7755 

[email protected] 



(306) 359 9797 

[email protected] 


(306) 665 2206 

[email protected]



(204) 775 5887 

[email protected]