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Please be advised that RSL will be monitoring the quantity of certain products purchased online due to ongoing disruptions in our supply chain. The availability of stock showing in branches outside your area is not guaranteed and must be confirmed prior to ordering. Please contact your local RSL representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Health Canada’s Requirement of EPA Products

Health Canada’s Requirement of EPA Products

Clarification: Health Canada is taking action to increase supplies of disinfectants and hand sanitizers

  • Packaging of imported product may be in French-only or English-only, or English or French and another language; however, importers will be required to post the bilingual label text on their website. This website should not contain any additional advertising or claims outside what is authorized, for these products.
  • Importers must provide sellers with a means to inform consumers, at time of sale, of where they can access bilingual information on the product. This could be made available through a sticker applied directly to the products, posters, or signage with take-away pamphlets at the point of sale.

Effective immediately, products previously accepted with unilingual labelling under the interim measure will be required to meet the above labelling requirements.

Please refer to the links below for products' requirement:

Document 1  |  Document 2  |  Document 3